Study Wellness

Long nights and days studying and reading, sitting and doing that old computer stare. This is hard on your neck, shoulders and back. Remember to stretch and drink plenty of water to keep those precious pieces fresh and move-able.

Over time the pressure of sitting affects your lower back making it sore and tired. While in your chair sit up straight, good posture is the key to a healthy and strong back. Making sure your feet are flat against the floor can help relieve some of the pressure as well. Every fifteen – twenty minutes get out of your chair, stretch it out, walk it out and take a break. This not only helps your body but your mind as well. Getting up and walking around helps to renew your blood flow and allow clean oxygen to reach those parts that were stationary.

Moving into your shoulders. Having your keyboard at a 90 degree angle with arms is the aim. This causes less stress on supporting your shoulders and allows for them to relax. If you feel tense, first things first, release your shoulders away from your ears and let them drop back down. When we are stressed we tend to raise our shoulders which makes it tiring for the muscle over time. After you have done that simply move your shoulders in a circular motion, up back and down for a minute or so. If you still feel tense go to a wall corner and put your palm flat against the wall and place it behind you with a straight arm, with your body extend away from hand and put some pressure against your shoulder. Do this with both arms separately.

On wards and up wards, your neck carries 8 lbs of your body all alone. This can be very tiring. Rotate your head to stretch your neck ear to shoulder, chin to chest, and back of head to upper back. (Be sure that when you do this your posture is beautiful)

Remember to take breaks, to go to sleep and drink plenty of water. Your essays alone are stress enough without having a sore body as well.


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