The Power of Green

The healing power of going for a walk in the forest is undeniable. It clears your mind, moves oxygen within your body and allows you to release the tension of the previous moment or day. 

Being in an environment that helps to calm you is a very self-fulling feeling. If you were to take an hour, even 15 min. walking in a park, or somewhere where there are trees that surround you, your mind and all the business within it will calm down and clarity will be your outcome. It is important to remember that you matter first to you! So take that 15 min. walk, and reflect on all the good things in your life. Feel the peace that you truly are and gain some clarity on issues that may have been stifling you. 

When you walk in a wonderful leafy area such as the green belt, or even by the ocean with the waves and sea breeze, you breathe deeper automatically. This allows that old stale air to escape and new, fresh revitalizing air to enter into your system. Renewing your energy flow, your body is very important, especially when tests are afoot, or huge projects. Taking 15 minutes to revitalize your system can save you an hour of being blocked and trapped on that one sentence you need, or that one question you just can’t remember.

All of this leads to one conclusion, release of tension! Not only mentally, but for your body. As written before about sitting, your back gets blocked up and sore, your shoulders start to feel heavy and even your eyelids can be weighed down by sitting, or reading or being stuck in one problem for too long. Get up! Walk and breathe in fresh air. Move your body, honor your mind and spirit and feel better.

Enjoy your day and remember to breathe deeply.Image


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