Finding That MOJO For Your Fitness Routine:

Having trouble staying motivated to go to the gym?

Maybe you haven’t found that routine that keeps you wanting to go. This is the most important aspect of getting fit. Motivation and will power!

First things first, what is working for you? Do you enjoy biking? Running? Yoga? Swimming? Sport? Find out what gets your mojo flowin! Then in your day-timer, make  a set plan. By plan I mean goal, and make sure it is a SMART goal. Here is an example using yoga.

Specific: I want to do yoga 3 times a week.

Measurable: Within a 7 day period how many times? 3, I can see it on the calendar.

Attainable: I am free during 3 scheduled sessions a week.  There is no other reason why I wouldn’t make it.

Realistic: Is 3 too many? Or is not enough? I feel it is within my realm of challenge.

Timely: Is this happening over a day? A week? A month? A year or two? My goal is per week.

By making this simple exercise I have drawn out any hesitation I had, I made it attainable and something that I can see results right away. After a week did I reach my goal? Yes I went three times, or no I didn’t go.

One of the key things I did as well was not relate it to how many pounds I want to lose, or what my body will look like. I feel that if you workout with an ideal weight in your mind, lack of motivation happens faster. This is due to a couple of factors. Your results might be slower than expected. Your body has it’s own agenda of where it wants to move fat, gain muscle, and tone, you need to allow it to do so without that stress hormone coming out to mess everything up because a number isn’t being reached. Allow your goals to be reached by having an idea of where you want to be, but reach them through concentrating on going to the gym, or yoga, or zumba, or boxing.

This is where will power comes into play. You have  your motivation… a fun class, or something that makes you feel awesome! Now your will power is that which needs to crush your self doubt and that little voice that says… I will do it tomorrow…

Enhance your will power through a kind of meditation, or self motto. Whenever you feel doubt, you feel down about yourself, or you lack that motivation, will power is there to lift you up and just like playing a sport, you get better with practice. Some words, sentences I like to think about when I feel that nagging voice are:

Let go

I can do it


Come up with your mantra and tell yourself those words every time that doubt forces itself into your mind. Sooner or later, that doubt will not even be there anymore.

So find your routine, make a SMART goal and create a mantra! Stay motivated and strengthen your will power.

Here at Willis Street Physiotherapy we recommend giving some of our personal trainers a go. Send in an email to ask about the different opportunities that await you.

FASTFIT is open to everyone, keep motivated and come down at 5.15 on Tuesday to Willis Street Physiotherapy. $25. Reserve your spot by emailing or just pop along and see what it’s all about.


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